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Recent Works

”Automation is cost cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them.” – Haresh Sippy

Online Store Systems

Developing functionalities for online shops, i.e. payment systems, shopping cart flow and ticketing system.

Scalable Web apps

Building modern, fast and scalable static, pre-rendered and server-side web app, ready to scale for more users.


Building, hardening and optimizing high security resource intensive applications. Consistently finding efficient server-side solutions.

Coffee Shop Reviews

Developing a highly secure, lightning fast website where users can review their favourite coffee shops.

Secured Server Provisioning

Customising and maintaining fully secure VPS to deploy web apps, saas apps, apis, websites, mobile apps, AI software etc.

Video Service WebApp

Developing a modern, resilient and scalable web app where users can share videos and upload their own.

Ecommerce API

Developing fully featured, lean, fast and containerized ecommerce api, complete with oauth2 that provides authorization flow.

Microservices Architecture

Architecting large, scalable apps using a collection of microservices for large ecommerce companies.

E-learning Web Apps

Developing E-learning Web Apps, auto-generated content, stripe subscriptions and in-browser functionalities.


Developing dashboards that have complex functionalities, without compromising impeccable user experience

Automated Infrastructure Provisioning

Architecting large, scalable infrastructure using the latest and greatest automation tools. Automated infrastructure provisioning.

Modern Code Book

Building a locally downloadable codebook for developers to document their code snippets using the latest web assembly technologies!

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